Future of Education

The Indian Education, since industrial revolution has undergone a huge reformation. Since then, various committees and commissions formed by both State and Central government have recommended various measures to bring in holistic education particularly in higher education. Though the universities / institutions have inbuilt these changes, the question still remains on the effectiveness of these programs. In the global race of acquiring knowledge, Indian students are ranked very low. This has warranted many of us to rethink, redesign and adopt necessary tools that would elevate our students’ level. The flexibility to design a new tool lies within the institution of higher education. I am proposing two initiatives that can be adopted to establish a social transformation. As a partner in higher education system, the first tool that we adopt should create pathway for our students to stand at par in the global market in terms of knowledge. The second tool that we adopt should pave way for every student to identify his/her creativity, talent & strength and develop them. As an institution, we have the flexibility to design a tool that would help our students create their own world, thus creating a better universe.

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