Concept to a success story.

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Many of us are very good in conceptualization. Some are good in implementation. Few are experts in converting concept into a success story. What really makes these few different from others? 

Most of us are not born with great talent and ability; and talents may differ from one person to the other.  However, I believe we all have some talents and ability to a size of a seed. Nevertheless, there are two distinct characteristics that can transform a concept into a success story. Firstly, the passion towards the concept will drive us to make a success story. Secondly, the ability to see opportunities will make a success story.


Passion is something that we want to do even if no resources are available with us. Our passion should be accompanied with commitment and discipline. Our strong commitment and strict discipline will help us to keep our passion alive. We might be thrown with situations where our passion dies when we do not see the expected results. This is because, we make some calculations and predictions about our results and in reality when our results seem otherwise, we lose our passion. The important thing is to be passionate about the process to achieve our goals, not to let our passion die. I believe that every outcome would take us to a new dimension or one step closer to reach our goal. So be passionate about the process in order to see through the success story.

Ability to see our Opportunity:

Everyone is provided with opportunities. I believe that this world offers us with great opportunities and better still it is just in front of us. Some of us see it and some don’t. And those who see an opportunity fail to see it right. So very few see the right opportunity at the right time.  A simple way to know if this opportunity is the right one is to see if it would take us one step closer to our goal. I have seen very passionate people not able to make success stories, as they keep waiting for the big opportunity in their lives. I believe we need to seize every small and tiny opportunity that comes along. Look for it and see if it can take one step closer to your goal. Don’t wait, but go for it. I believe you and I can make many success stories.

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