Choosing the right Institution…

As we all wait for the new academic year to begin, the decision to choose the right institution becomes very crucial for many aspiring students. Some of the students do not have any idea of what course to pursue or which institution to join. Some of the students are forced to choose what the parents like them to do. Having said that, I believe this is the right time to stop for a moment, think and choose the right path to embark on…

I agree choosing the right course is important to seal one’s future but I also believe that choosing the right institution is equally important because the right institution will place students on a totally different platform and scale, enabling their future to be weighed high. Be it engineering, arts or science, a student has only one opportunity in his life to choose the institution that is going to be a steppingstone in the journey of his life. Choosing the right institution is like choosing to live, not just to exist. This is the right time. So pay more attention to choose the right institution.

Before you choose the institution, take a moment to find your interest. Many a time, we end up doing something that we don’t want to. The sad thing is that we realize it a bit late. With the kind of educational system we have in India, it is difficult to change our career path during the course of study. Hence, it is advisable to choose the right course and the right institution at the right time. For those of you, who have chosen your course, and need help in identifying the right institution, I would like to suggest the following simple ways:

1. The institutional core strength

The core strength of any institution depends on its team of faculty members available. When you visit the institution during the admission, you can ask the counseling desk with regards to the course content and the faculties’ expertise in delivering the course.

2. The infrastructure of the institution

Every student should enjoy at least minimum infrastructural facility as per the statutory norms. For example, if you are aspiring for a course related to computer science, inquire if you can have a look at the computer science lab. Have a quick browse at the infrastructural facilities of the college.

3. Achievements of the institution

Institutions bank on various academic achievements of students. It is not just academic achievements that would make it the right institution but it is the overall development strategy that the institution plans and deploys within the study period. Check if the institution had any activities in Sports/NSS/RRC/CCC/ Associations, etc. These programs would make every student a better human being and inculcate a life changing experience in every student. Ask for what more the institution gives to shape up student’s life, apart from the regular curriculum.

4. Placement track

This has become one of the important criteria to choose the right institution. Though the placement of students depends solely on the students themselves, you should know the list of recruiters who actually visit the institution.

5. Role of the management

Though this might not be of great concern, it really makes a huge difference within the organization. The greater involvement of management on day to day functioning of the institution would certainly provide a platform for every student to bring in complaints if any directly to the management. This is the confidence you can have by knowing that things can resume better at any point.

But, how can we check the above? The best way is to check the institutional website. Look up for their details and understand what is the vision of the institution and how it is communicated to all the stakeholders. Do some random calls and ask for information. Speak to few alumni to know better. More than anything, ask what is unique selling proposition (USP) of that institution.

You have every right to have the best in your life.

Join only after being convinced…

Happy choosing…. Good Luck.

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